Importance of Massage

Your body works hard for you each and every day of your life. You expect years of service from your body, years that are often filled with too little sleep, too little exercise, bad food, bad air, bad water, and an abundance of stress. Yet how often do you pay attention to the signals of wear and tear that your body sends through an aching back, sore shoulders and a stiff neck?

Massage therapy is an invitation to reconnect with your body. Massage therapy provides relief from common aches and pains that result from time spent over computers, at desks, standing over someone or something (dentists, construction workers and so on), or on tired feet. Massage therapy also relieves common ailments such as thoracic outlet and carpal tunnel syndrome, chronic lower back pain, pain caused by sciatic nerve restriction, and TMJ syndrome. Massage therapy enhances your life by reducing stress, improving circulation and flushing out toxins and boosting your immune system. For you this means an opportunity to feel truly comfortable in your own body. Your overall health and well being improves while your stress levels decrease. You become a more productive, happier person. Massage therapy will improve the quality of your life!